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What We Can Do For You
  • Store It
  • Secure It
  • Retrieve It
  • Deliver It
  • Destroy It
  • Manage It
  • Report It
  • Re-File It

  • Specialists in Storing and Managing Your Business Records

    Think of us as an extension to your office....a group of professionals that can store all of your business records, give you complete and managed access to all your data containers, provide convenient pickup and delivery on demand, track and manage all your retrievable inventory utilizing a state-of-the-art computerized bar-coding software system.

    Are records secure and safe?

    You can be sure your records are safe and secure.
    PRO Record has a complete security and confidentiality system in place and is committed to the highest level of client trust and satisfaction.

    Managed vs Mini-Storage

    Benefits far beyond standard mini-storage is what clients like you should expect from their records storage partnership.
    PRO Record Storage is committed to providing long-term quality service, customized to meet your needs.

    Service include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Reasonable and cost-justifiable rates
    • Secure, clean, access-controlled and orderly managed storage environment
    • File retrieval and delivery conveniently available based on customer need
    • Authorized access controlled by client and computerized authentication system
    • Places the responsibility for locating containers or files on PRO Record staff, rather than on valuable client employee time
    • Saves your valuable office space for productive use and not just storage
    • Helps minimize possible employee injury, worker compensation and lost productivity associated with container in-house self-storage and employee retrieval injuries
    • Pest-controlled container/file folder storage facility
    • PRO Record employee and bonded confidentiality affidavits on fle
    • Centrally located in the Valley for speedy customer requests
    • Full-time, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff to support all your storage needs or questions
    • After-hours, weekends and holiday pickup or delivery upon customer demand
    • Service Far Beyond Just Storage!!!

    As you can see, PRO Record Storage is not just about storage - it is a Records Management partnership you can benefit from, trust, and appreciate.


    Approved for storage of Medical Records

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